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Most businesses have a chief financial officer, CFO, responsible for the financial health and management of the company; at Bighorn Wealth Management, we are your Family CFO and guide. We create cohesion by integrating investment management, lending resources, tax planning, estate planning, charitable planning, risk management, asset protection, and business succession in your plan. Most planning fails due to a lack of execution. Our team approach with your other trusted advisors improves the prospect of a positive outcome. We see the process through from beginning to end.

Independent Advice

Independent Advice

What does it mean to provide independent and objective financial advice? In short, it means being a fiduciary in advisory relationships and putting your interests above our own. It means offering access to robust products and advice without being driven by any considerations other than our client’s best interests. We are not under pressure to meet sales quotas or promote products underwritten by a specific company. This allows us the freedom to design strategies with our client’s objectives as the primary focus.

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